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Washbasin Set 1

If you need a customized version of this 3D Model (e.g.: minor changes in the geometry, customized textures / logos, ...), or if you need a completely different 3D Model of your choice/design, please click on the "Hire Me" button on my CGTrader profile page ( ) and make me an offer along with your request.

If you buy one of my assets on CGTrader, I'll be willing to assist you with possible issues; I'll be also able to help you by creating additional models to make a complete set.

This is a collection of 4 different 3D Models, placed in a single Blender 3D 2.77 scene. Perfect for ads or as an archviz / vr / real-time game asset; easily customizable: you can create or edit the Textures using the non overlapping UV Layout maps and the Base Color Textures provided in the package (see preview images).


In the package, you'll find:

* the BLEND scene used to do the rendering (exception given for: HDRi Environment Texture, Lamps, Camera, Background Plane --- these are NOT included in the package);

* the 3DS, FBX, OBJ, MAX, BLEND, UNITY 5 files, with UV Layout and UV-mapped PBR Textures, for the "Wash Basin Sink" object (three objects, parented: cabinet, wash basin, faucet);

* the 3DS, FBX, OBJ, MAX, BLEND, UNITY 5 files, with UV Layout and UV-mapped PBR Textures, for the "Mirror with Neon Lamp" object;

* the 3DS, FBX, OBJ, MAX, BLEND, UNITY 5 files, with UV Layout and UV-mapped PBR Textures, for the "Towel Radiator" object;

* the 3DS, FBX, OBJ, MAX, BLEND, UNITY 5 files, with UV Layout and UV-mapped PBR Textures, for the "Towel Stand" object;


So, you'll be able to select and place EACH object in 3DS, FBX, OBJ, MAX, OBJ, UNITY 5, and move and position them as you like in your scene; plus, you'll get the BLEND set used to create the promo image.


See preview images for more details on objects, materials, wireframes, and UV-mapped Textures.


Each Object, Material or Texture provided in the package has a unique, meaningful name.


Made in Blender 3D (Cycles materials) and in 3D Studio MAX 2012 (V-Ray Adv 2.30.02), then exported to other formats; rendered in Cycles (Blender 3D 2.77).


Formats included: 3DS, FBX, OBJ, unitypackage (Unity 5, with Metallic Workflow Standard Shader materials and textures; see preview images); scenes: 3D Studio MAX 2012 (V-Ray Adv 2.30.02 materials), BLEND (Blender 3D 2.77 Cycles materials with a PBR Shader and colours); other: png with Alpha (non-overlapping UV layout map, PBR textures for Unity 5); jpg (PBR, UV-mapped textures for Cycles in Blender 3D and V-Ray in 3D Studio MAX).


6 Objects (meshes, some of them parented to others), 6 Materials (in Unity Package and in Blender Cycles and 3D Studio MAX V-Ray scenes), UV unwrapped (non overlapping UV Layout map provided in the package; see preview images); UV-mapped Textures.



* Towel Radiator

* Washbasin Cabinet

* * * Washbasin

* * * Faucet

* Mirror with neon light

* Towel Stand


PBR colours and image Textures provided for each Material, for each in the package; channels: Base Color (Diffuse / Albedo), Metallic, Roughness, Normals, Ambient Occlusion; main render made in Blender 3D + Cycles using these PBR colours and/or textures with a Material Node scheme provided in the blend scene (see preview images).


UV Layout maps and Image Textures resolutions: 1024×1024; PBR Textures made with Substance Painter 2.


Polygonal, QUADS ONLY, NO POLES, 33617 vertices, 33208 faces (66416 triangles) (TOTAL AMOUNTS for 6 objects).


Each mesh is provided with holding edges, so you can further subdivide / smooth it.


Real world dimensions; scene scale units: meters, in both blend and max scenes.


Uniform scale object (scale applied in Blender 3D, 100% scale in 3DS MAX).


Textures are stripped in the 3DS MAX scenes.


IMPORTANT --- Main rendering made in Blender 3D + Cycles using an HDR Environment Texture Image which is NOT provided in the package!


architecture, archviz, scene, interior, design, bathroom, washbasin, set, towel, radiator, heat, stand, faucet, mirror, neon

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