This is the main page of the "Substance Painter" section of my tutorials; below is the complete list, in order of publication (the latest published at the bottom).

Honestly, as I write this "notice" (on June 30th, 2019), I cannot tell you how many new tutorials I will be able to make, nor can I assure you of some publication frequency; let's say that when I can, I will make new content, but I can't guarantee anything; I'm sorry!

Substance Painter 2019, elementi di base - Introduzione a PBR, Materiali e Textures

Substance Painter 2019 fundamentals - Introduction to PBR, Materials and Textures

What are the Materials - The PBR paradigm: Physically Based Rendering - The 3D Model used in this tutorial - The main information channels of the PBR method - The Metallic channel - The Base Color channel - Replacing Iron Old with a pure metal - The Roughness - Additional channels: Normal and Height to simulate the details

Substance Painter 2019 - Elementi di base - Nuovo progetto, formati, interfaccia e UV

Substance Painter 2019 fundamentals- New project, formats, interface and UV

3D file formats - UV Unwraps and Layout - The 3D Model used in this tutorial - How to create a new project - How to navigate in the 3D View - Materials: Textur Set and Textures Set List - UV Layout in the 2D View - UV unwrapping with and without overlappings

Substance Painter 2019 - Due materiali in un Texture Set con le maschere

Substance Painter 2019 - Two materials in a Texture Set with masks

The model used in this tutorial - Let's take a look at the model: Texture Sets and UV Maps - Let's set the first Material: wood for the handle - The "Properties - Fill" tab of a Material - Lowering the intensity of Height details - Creation of the masks to apply the Materials to different parts of the object - Let's add a second Material (and a second Mask) in Layers

Substance Painter 2019 - Cambiare immagine e direzione dell'illuminazione di sfondo

Substance Painter 2019 - How to change background image and lighting direction

Let's provide an appropriate Material to the object - The Display Settings tab - How to make the Background Image visible - How to change the orientation of the Background Image - How to change the Background Image - How to import images (and, in general, resources) in Substance

Substance Painter 2019 - Cuciture in rilievo con pennelli su maschere e Height

Substance Painter 2019 - Embossed stitches with brushes on masks and Height

Let's provide a base Material to the object - Let's add a Material for the belt - How to create a folder and a Fill Layer - How to create a Mask and use the brush - Stitches: the paint brush for seams - Painting on the UV Layout Map in the 2D View - How to remove the brush strokes inserted by error - Nested folders and masks - Customizing the Material and the value of Height

Substance Painter 2019 - Salvare un gruppo di Layers con Create Smart Material

Substance Painter 2019 - How to save a group of Layers with Create Smart Material

The project used in this tutorial - Let's define the Materials for the project - Creating the group and the Smart Material - Managing customized Smart Materials - How to used the Smart Material in another project

Substance Painter 2019 - Esportare le Textures - I parte: Presets nativi

Substance Painter 2019 - How to export Textures - Part I: native Presets

CThe project we will use in this tutorial - Exporting with the preset for Unity 5 (Metallic Standard) - Export errors: missing information channels - The right file format, according to channels - Add information channels for Texture Sets - Checking the information for all channels; use of the Fill Layer (filling)

Substance Painter 2019 - Esportare le Textures - II parte: Presets personalizzati

Substance Painter 2019 - How to export Textures - Part II: custom Presets

How to create a new Export Preset - Duplicating the Unity Metallic Preset - Creating an output map: Gray, RGB, R+G+B, RGB+A, R+G+B+A - The Textures name scheme: how to use Substance macros - Let's insert the Unreal maps in the Unity + Unreal Preset - How to rename the textures of our Export Preset - Creation of a customized Template for new projects