Francesco Milanese Stock 3D ModelsPBR 3D Models are suitable for game engines, vr/ar apps, renderings, product shots, close-ups, advertising, archviz, broadcasting, etc.. No poles (vertices with 6 or more connecting edges), no ngons, mostly quads geometries, with non overlapping UV Layout maps. They are always shipped with a PBR textured blend scene, plus fbx and obj (portable) formats, together with the Multi Engine Textures Pack: a package of uv-mapped textures for PBR (Metallic and Specular) workflows, Blender Cycles, V-Ray for 3D Studio MAX, Unity and Unreal game engines.

How to use the Multi Engine Textures Pack to recreate PBR materials in different rendering engines: introduction.

If you are looking for my Adobe Dimension 3D Models, click here.

Latest Stock 3D Models

Audio mixer parts - 3D Model
RCA connectors - 3D Model
Microphone holder - 3D Model
Microphone on tripod stand - 3D Model
Microphone on stand with round base - 3D Model
Microphone on desktop tripod stand - 3D Model
Microphone on desktop round stand - 3D Model
Microphone on boom stand - 3D Model