Hello everyone!

In this tutorial we will see a way to apply logos or, in general, decorations (the “Decals”) on the surface of objects in Substance Painter; in particular, we will use the brushes on the Layers; moreover, to give a Material to the decorations, we will make use of a Substance tool that I have not covered, so far, in my videotutorials: the Anchors.

I'll show you immediately what I want to achieve: I want to apply logos on the 3D model that you can see on video right now, but I want to provide a Material to these decals, so I have to find a way to give the brushstrokes with a Texture in a Layer and to apply, meanwhile, another Material (with the exception of its Base Color, of course) only in the parts defined by the Texture.

This is a medium-advanced tutorial, which means that I will take for granted the information on the tools and techniques covered in the videotutorials previously published in the "Substance Painter" playlist on my Youtube channel, so I strongly recommend you to see those videotutorial before this one.

The tutorial was made with the 2019 version of Substance Painter, but the Anchors are already available from the 2017 version, so this information is also valid for later versions.