The 3D Model used in this tutorial:

Hello everyone!

This is the first of two introductory tutorials to Geometry Nodes in Blender 3D (made, in particular, with version 2.92 of the software). These tutorials are for those who already have a basic knowledge of Blender 3D, because I will take for granted some information on the interface and modeling (both in Object and Edit Mode).

Geometry Nodes is a tool introduced with Blender 3D version 2.92 and which allows you to transform objects in a parametric way, that is, using values; it is, in effect, a modifier that allows you to perform multiple operations, combining them together, within a group.

On Youtube there are many tutorials that show, above all, how to use Geometry Nodes to replace a particle system, in order to "scatter" objects instances on (or inside) others, such as rocks and blades of grass on a surface ... well, in the next tutorial I'll do the same example too, but for this first tutorial on the subject I want to focus on some basic concepts.