BLENDER - How to create "pixel art" style renderings in Blender with the Pixelate nodeHello everyone!
In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the Pixelate Compositing node in Blender to give your renderings a pixelated look, similar to the retro charm of old video games.
Although this tutorial was created with Blender version 3.3, the Pixelate node has been available since at least version 2.79, making this tutorial valid for intermediate versions as well. The rendering engine used for the examples shown here is Cycles.
This tutorial applies to both entire scenes and single objects. In the case of single objects, you can even create icons or sprites (sequences of images for animations) on a transparent background. Regardless, the operations required are the same and occur during the Nodes Compositing process in Post-Production, which takes place after the rendering.

The 3D Models used in this tutorial:

The video and the PDF are available for free download on Gumroad: just click here, download, and share!
You can also open the PDF in another page without downloading the package: just click here.