BPY 3 (Blender 3.x + Python) --- How to export UV Layouts as images with UV Export LayoutHi!
In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the UV export layout Python function in Blender to export the UV maps (layouts) of all the available MESH objects in a scene.
This script can be helpful if you need to provide UV maps as images, such as when publishing your 3D scene on certain 3D stock websites.
This tutorial has been recorded using version 3.3 of Blender; sometimes, the Blender developers make changes to the Blender Python APIs (BPY for short), but this script should work from version 3.0 onwards.

The 3D Models used in this tutorial:

The video and the PDF are available for free download on Gumroad: just click here, download, and share!
You can also open the PDF in another page without downloading the package: just click here.