Recreating a Material from an FBX and Textures in Substance Painter tutorialHello everyone!
In this tutorial, we will see how to recreate a Material in Substance Painter starting from PBR Textures and the FBX file of the model; we will also see how to modify some parts of the Material using masks and different blending modes.
Although I am recording this video in 2023, I am using the 2019 version of Substance Painter, but what I'm saying applies to other versions of the software as well.
My 3D models are provided in FBX files, sometimes with non-embedded Textures, but all Textures are available in the "UVs and TEXTURES" folder provided with my assets, which contains both standard PBR Metallic Textures and those for various rendering engines such as Cycles, V-Ray, Unity, or Unreal...

The 3D Models used in this tutorial:

The video and the PDF are available for free download on Gumroad: just click here, download, and share!
You can also open the PDF in another page without downloading the package: just click here.