UNITY - Introduction to Coroutines and "yield WaitForSeconds"Hello everyone!
Welcome to this introductory tutorial on using Coroutines in Unity.
Coroutines are functions that can be performed concurrently with the main game execution cycle.
In this tutorial, I will use a practical example to explain the concept and also introduce the WaitForSeconds function, which makes it possible to wait for the execution of an operation for a specified number of seconds.
This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of C# programming in Unity.
It was recorded using the 2022 version of Unity, but Coroutines are available in many programming languages and previous and future versions of Unity.

The 3D Models used in this tutorial:

The video and the PDF are available for free download on Gumroad: just click here, download, and share!
You can also open the PDF in another page without downloading the package: just click here.