My name is Francesco Milanese, I'm 3D Modeling enthusiast.

Francesco Milanese Stock 3D ModelsStock 3D Models are suitable for game engines, vr/ar apps, renderings, product shots, close-ups, advertising, archviz, broadcasting, etc.. No ngons, mostly quads geometries, with non overlapping UV Layout maps. They are always shipped with a PBR textured blend scene, plus fbx and obj (portable) formats, together with the Multi Engine Textures Pack: a package of uv-mapped textures for PBR (Metallic and Specular) workflows, Blender Cycles, V-Ray for 3D Studio MAX, Unity and Unreal game engines.

Francesco Milanese Adobe Dimension 3D ModelsDimension 3D Models are made for (and are published on) Adobe Dimension (formerly Project Felix) asset store.

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