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My name is Francesco Milanese, I'm a computer scientist passionate about 3D Computer Graphics.

I've been a BFCT (Blender Foundation Certified Trainer) since 2010; I got a Master's Degree in Computer Science in 2011. My main technical skills include Blender, Substance Painter, Unity, Python.

My PBR "Stock" 3D Models are used by Artists, Architects, Game Designers, etc., to create art, product shots, presentation images, architectural renderings, video games and other applications with 2D / 3D graphics. My PBR Stock 3D Models are available on BlenderMarket, CGTrader, Sketchfab and Turbosquid.

Some of my 3D models are also available on the Adobe 3D Stock site for Adobe Dimension (formerly Project Felix).

My Stock Images and Videos (which I made using my own PBR Stock 3D Models, by the way), are available on Shutterstock, GettyImages, Canva or Adobe (Dimension 3D Models, Stock Images and Stock Videos).

I don't call myself an artist; I like to say that I help artists, architects, game developers, etc., providing them the assets they need to realize their unique visions and ideas.

Since I don't speak English well, I use an AI reader in my videotutorials; I hope you don't mind! However, subtitles are embedded in each video; plus, the text version (with screenshots) is available on this website.

This site has the sole purpose of showing some of the 3D models and videotutorials I have created, without promotional purposes; right now, I am not looking for (and I do not accept) requests for custom works, consultancy or other work collaborations, of any kind.

"Over the year, Francesco has helped our clients with quite a few requests. He started as an intermediate designer and kept himself up-to-date with his new job. His biggest goal is to improve and dedicate to the client. He will definitely go the extra mile and help at all means, which is always good when you are looking for someone trustworthy and dedicated."

Lukas Stankevicius; Business Development Manager @ CGTrader

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