Hello there!
My name is Francesco Milanese, I am a computer scientist and computer graphics enthusiast with a keen interest in creating 3D Assets (specifically, scene props); in my spare time, I like to create interactive virtual environments, using mainly my own Assets.

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I've been a BFCT (Blender Foundation Certified Trainer) since 2010; I got a Master's Degree in Computer Science in 2011 (ResearchGate; I'm on LinkedIn, too). My main technical skills include Blender, Substance Painter, Unity, Python (for Blender), C# (for Unity).



Drum kit PBR 3D Model by Francesco MilaneseMy PBR stock 3D Models are used by Artists, Architects, Game Designers, etc., to create art, product shots, presentation images, architectural renderings, video games and other applications with 2D / 3D graphics. My PBR Stock 3D Models are available on 3DOcean (Envato)BlenderMarket, CGTrader, SketchfabTurbosquid.

Francesco Milanese Stock 3D Models

PBR 3D Models are suitable for game engines, vr/ar apps, renderings, product shots, close-ups, advertising, archviz, broadcasting, etc.. My models have no poles (vertices with 6 or more connecting edges), no ngons, mostly quads geometries, with non overlapping UV Layout maps. They are always shipped with a PBR textured blend scene, plus fbx and obj (portable) formats, together with the Multi Engine Textures Pack: a package of uv-mapped textures for PBR (Metallic and Specular) workflows, Blender Cycles, V-Ray for 3D Studio MAX, Unity and Unreal game engines.


To keep yourself up-to-date on my activities on PBR 3D Models, you can follow me on Sketchfab.

To learn more on my PBR stock 3D Models and take a look at my portfolio, click here.



Some of my 3D models are also available on the Adobe 3D Stock site for Adobe Dimension.

I no longer publish 3D models for Dimension there; however, my 3D models currently available on their website are still being used by many designers, who use them for their illustrative or marketing projects, thanks to the power and flexibility of Adobe software.

To learn more on my Adobe Dimension 3D Models and take a look at my portfolio, click here.


Francesco Milanese 2D and 3D portfolio on Adobe Stock asset store

Some of my stock 3D Models on Adobe Dimension asset store



I make my Stock Images and Videos in Blender, using my own PBR Stock 3D Models.

They are available on Shutterstock, GettyImages, CanvaAdobe.


The softwares I use to create 3D models, stock images, videos or interactive virtual environments are Blender (for modeling and rendering), Substance Painter (or Adobe 3D Painter, for materials and textures), and Unity (for interaction).
From time to time, I create video tutorials on how to use these software and publish them on my YouTube channel. Since my pronunciation is poor, the audio for my tutorials is recorded using an artificial intelligence software (and I add subtitles); I hope this is not an inconvenience.
Most of the time, the VIDEOS and their transcriptions (as PDF files) are available at no cost on my Gumroad profile; feel free to download and share!
On Youtube, I have created playlists for the software I use the most (here are the links: Blender, Substance Painter, Unity); however, I recommend subscribing to my channel and enabling notifications to not miss any content.
Below, you can find the links to the main tutorial pages on this same website; from there, you can search for tutorials by name or tag and, for each tutorial, retrieve information such as links to the PDF+VIDEO packages, the list of used Assets, or any other relevant information.
Blender tutorials by Francesco Milanese   Substance Painter Adobe 3D Painter tutorials by Francesco Milanese   Unity tutorials by Francesco Milanese

"Over the year, Francesco has helped our clients with quite a few requests. He started as an intermediate designer and kept himself up-to-date with his new job. His biggest goal is to improve and dedicate to the client. He will definitely go the extra mile and help at all means, which is always good when you are looking for someone trustworthy and dedicated."

Lukas Stankevicius; Business Development Manager @ CGTrader